1961-71 International Harvester Scout front Drum-to-DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KIT Model 80,800,800A


Optional Upgrades

No extra shipping charge for Upgrades



 front Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kit

1961-71 IH Scout

  Dana 27/30  w/Closed Knuckles

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(Check out our Scout II Disc Kit with Open Knuckle w/Dana 30)

   Complete Bolt-On front DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KIT

 for 1961-1971 Scout with 4WD.

Fits INTERNATIONAL SCOUT Model 80, Model 800 and Model 800A

Time to give your IH Scout a Real Brake!

This front DISC BRAKE KIT works great on any Scout 1961-71 w/dana 27/30.

 Ready to bolt-on and no need to grind your knuckles with this Kit (but you will with other kits).

Our Calipers have been machined to remove metal so you do not have to grind your knuckles or calipers.

Your stock front drum brake spindles work with this DISC BRAKE KIT.

NOTE: Aftermarket Wheels 15″ or larger are required with this Kit

or Wheels from a Scout w/disc brakes.

Most 5×5.5 Aftermarket type Wheels are made to fit with disc brake systems.

Scouts came w/skinny wheels from the factory 

and do not have clearance for the new calipers.

This  Premium  DISC BRAKE KIT  features  All New Parts!

Complete Instruction Guide easy to follow w/Photos….

2-Hub+Rotor Assemblies 5×5.5, Races installed, 1-1/8″ thick Rotor

2-Loaded Calipers, Specially Machined Calipers which means No Grinding!

2-Caliper Mounting Brackets, Multi-Position, 6 Bolt Mounting

2-SS Braided Caliper Brake Hoses, Vinyl Coated for added protection

2-Wheel Hub Seals

4-Wheel Bearings (Timken Bearings Optional)

12-Spindle Mounting Bolts, Grade 8

NOTE: Check out our PREMIUM MILE MARKER LOCKING HUB Option in the photos.

             Very High Quality and the Dial is made of Polished Stainless Steel.

We Sell the Best Disc Brake Conversion Kits in the USA!

Optional Upgrades: (see photos)

No extra shipping charge for the Upgrades!

This Disc Kit ships in 2-Large Boxes w/tracking.


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