Technical Info

Our front DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KITS come complete with everything you need for the front axle unit.

But now you need to decide how to address your Hydraulic system. You can install a Power Brake Booster Kit with a Proportioning Valve or a new Master Cylinder plus a Pro-Valve, Read on…..

Keep in mind that most drum brake master cylinders have 10lb residual valves (check valve) inside just behind the seat where the bubble flare seals against. It’s designed to hold 10 lbs of pressure to the drum brakes.

You Do Not want 10lbs of pressure when installing Disc Brakes. For most Master Cylinders you can check to see if you have a check valve by putting the pointed end of a paper clip through the hole on the seat area of the master cylinder. If you feel an obstruction then it’s a check valve.

If you have a single reservoir (single port) master cylinder it’s time to install a dual reservoir master cylinder (disc/drum or disc/disc) or install a Power Brake Booster Kit on your truck. 

The 10lb residual valve can be removed if you plan to use your dual reservoir drum brake master cylinder. It’s not highly recommended to use a drum brake master cylinder for disc brakes but here’s how to remove it: You will carefully remove the seat on the master cylinder on the port that will supply fluid to the front brakes. Use a dentist type pick tool and do not damage the seal while pulling it out.

Once the seat is removed you can pull out the small spring loaded check valve, and re-install the seat. If you are keeping the rear drum brakes then do not remove the check valve on the port for the rear brakes.

For more TECH Info you can go to MBM Brakes and take a look at their TECH Page.

NOTE: We sell a Dual Reservoir, Dual Port Master Cylinder Kit for 1941-71 Jeeps and Power Brake Booster Kits for 1974-86 Jeep CJ, 1957-72 Ford F100 + F250 and Ford Bronco 1966-77.

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