1957-1972 Ford Truck POWER BRAKE BOOSTER CONVERSION KIT w/Proportioning Valve and Gold Booster, F100, F250 (HP-PB5572-G)


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with disc/drum Proportioning Valve

for 1957-72 Ford Truck F100, F250

   2 Wheel Drive + 4 Wheel Drive  Trucks.


Special Note: If you have a Hydraulic Clutch then you will need a Special Mounting Bracket.

You may need to drill 4 holes in your Firewall to fit the Special Bracket.

Click the Optional box if you have a Hyd. Clutch.

If you have 4 Wheel Disc Brakes just Click the Box above for a disc/disc Pro-Valve.

See our other Listing for Black Booster.


                                                         We Sell the Best Disc Brake Kits in the USA!


  —  Black Powder Coated Fire Wall Bracket —

— Heavy-Duty 8″ Dual Diaphragm Booster – Gold Zinc Booster —

— Heavy-Duty Master Cylinder with 1-1/8″ Bore – dual port —

— Disc/Drum Pro-Valve w/extra Fittings —

— Pedal Rod Extension, Adjustable —

   — 30″ Vacuum Hose with a Manifold Fitting —

— Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder Kit —

— Easy-to-Follow Instructions —

Note: Photo shows a New Hyd. STOP LIGHT SWITCH Option, older trucks trucks require one.

Check the box above to purchase.

Note: you will need to connect 2 lines to the Pro-Valve, 1 line for the rear brakes and 1 line for the front brakes.

On some 6 cyl. Trucks the Stock Air-Cleaner may need to be checked for clearance.


Our Power Brake Booster Kits provide an easy to install solution

for upgrading your Ford Truck to a Higher Standard of Brake Performance!

1 Year Warranty on Parts.

This Kit comes with a Lager Bore Master Cylinder for Trucks with Big Tires!

We Pre-Adjust every Booster Pin to Match the Master Cylinder so you don’t have to deal with that.

We Stand Behind our Products and are here to Answer your Questions.

We Took the Guess Work Out…..This is the Power Brake Kit you Need!

Shipping w/Tracking in the USA 50 States.




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