6 Lug-to-8 Lug Disc Brake CALIPER MOUNTING BRACKET (backing plate) for GM/Chevy K5, K10 + Jeep J10 4×4 trucks, Dana 44 + 10 Bolt Corporate


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HEAVY DUTY  –  8 LUG  –  3/4 TON


 *  Price is $250. for 1 Bracket, Click 2 in Quantity box for a pair *

1971-1991 Chevy/GMC K20 + Jeep J20 4×4 trucks

with Dana 44 + 10 Bolt  w/8 Lug Wheels.

part no. #HP-8LUGBRKT    (fit RH + LH Side)

Finally they are here and ready for your 4×4 project!

This is a brand new design that replaces the factory stock Caliper Mounting Brackets.

They may look different but they do the job well.

This Caliper Bracket is made with thick steel and is gold zinc plated.

You will receive a Caliper Mounting Bracket only.

Click in the box if you want to purchase 2 Brackets.

Photos show the Bracket bolted to a knuckle w/Spindle, Hub+Rotor and Caliper.

We sell Hub+Rotors, Calipers and Spindles in our web Store.

We also sell Dana 44, 8 Lug 3/4 Ton front Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kits

for GM/Chevy K20, Jeep FS J20, Dodge W200 and Ford F250 Trucks.


Mounts with 6 holes just as the stock factory Brackets do only….

each Bracket has 12 mounting holes so it can be clocked it into multiple positions.

For example….it can be mounted in the 2 o’clock or 3 o’clock position on the drivers side

and the 10 o’clock or 9 o’clock position on the passenger side.


Plus these New Brackets will work on Open and Closed Knuckles.

Also very popular for 6 Lug to 8 Lug Conversions

on Dana 44’s + 10 Bolt Corporate front ends.


We have a limited supply in stock and they are ready to ship.

Check our website for complete 8 Lug Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kits.

We also sell Spindles, Calipers, Hub+Rotor assemblies + more!


Got Questions, go to our contact page or give us a ring.

Were always happy to answer any questions about your project!

262.694.8742  Thanks, Dan

Ships in the USA


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