Master Cylinder-to-Power Brake Booster Pin Adjustment TOOL, Depth Gauge TOOL


Description    *    #HP-BPT    *   Made in U.S.A

This is a Brand New Power Brake Booster Pin Adjustment Tool….

Booster Pin Depth Gauge Adjustment Tool.

With this Tool, you will end all the guess work!

When you are installing a master cylinder to your power brake booster,

you will need to adjust the booster pin depth according to the depth in your master cylinder.

This is the TOOL you need to do just that!

First you gauge the depth on the master cylinder (photo 3) and snug up the knurled knob….

Then you go to the booster (photo 4) and flip over the TOOL to see if you need to lengthen or shorten the booster pin.

Its as easy as that.

Very popular on 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Cars + Trucks.

Works on many factory boosters: Fords, GM/Chevy, AMC, Dodge and more!

Also works on most of the Aftermarket Boosters including MBM, Master Power and Others.

This TOOL is made of High Quality type 304 Stainless Steel and will never rust or corrode….Made to last.

Shipping is 3.95 in the USA, PR + HI


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